The best RPA tools to consider in 2020

Here are the best RPA tools to consider in 2020. If you like to know who Gartner thinks are the bet, here is the magic quadrant.

Best RPA Tool (Top 3)

  1. Automation Anywhere: A2019 with easy to use IQ bot. The best tool for 2020!
  2. UiPath: Great Roadmap. Losing steam a bit, like to see better delivery in 2020.
  3. Blue Prism: Slow and steady. Great FY 19. Hopefully will see Decipher in 2020.

Best Emerging RPA Tools

Subjective, based on reports and discussion with people

  1. WorkFusion: Continues to be the tool to beat for AI/ML. Great features.
  2. Pegasystems: Solid attended bots. Ramping up on unattended.
  3. EdgeVerve: Check out Assist Edge. Hearing people implement this.

Big 3

Key players are a must-watch.

  1. Microsoft: Big fish, all RPA is based on Microsoft technologies. Interesting take with APIs & AI.
  2. SAP: Roadmap to add RPA to AI-based automation. Expect lots of action.
  3. Appian: Interesting to watch. May add low code RPA based on Jidoka.

Open Source 3

  1. Tag UI: Backed by Singapore AI. Added Python RPA. Fairly active.
  2. Robin: Language for RPA backed by Softmotive. Seeing quite a bit of action.
  3. Open RPA: A good take at creating RPA w/ Workflow foundation (like UiPath)

Last Updated on 2nd September 2020

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