Nandan Mullakara

Nandan is a globally recognized leader in digital automation and artificial intelligence, authoring a bestselling book on digital automation cited over 50 times.

A key opinion leader featured in Onalytica Who’s Who in Automation, he commands a significant online presence with a LinkedIn following of 17,000 professionals. His insights have elevated his podcast to the top 10% globally, attracting audiences interested in cutting-edge AI and automation.

Nandan’s expertise has driven successful initiatives for major companies like Honeywell, BCBS, Canon, Embraer, Fujitsu, and Tracfone, showcasing his ability to deliver transformative results across both large and smaller organizations. Esteemed media outlets, including Forbes, Solutions Review, Tech Report, and Packt, have featured his insights and articles.


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Onalytica Who’s Who in Automation.

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