Blue prism digital exchange (DX): An innovative RPA marketplace

Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX) is an online RPA marketplace for pre-built Blue prism components that you can use in your automation. These reusable components built by Blue Prism and their partners include downloadable connectors and skills in the form of reusable Visual Business Objects (VBOs).

Why do we need the Blue prism digital exchange?

With the DX, Blue prism is enabling digital skill sharing so that you can add the latest technologies in your automation more easily. You can download the pre-built connectors or skills and drag-drop them into your automation workflows.

Blue prism digital exchange

To expand on its automation prowess, Blue Prism is growing the ecosystem of third-party provided specialist functionality which not available as part of the core platform. Blue Prism is calling it “Connected RPA”.

What is Blue Prism DX?

The DX is an RPA marketplace with more than 500 assets available to download from more than 100 active partners. The assets fall under different categories and right now there are more Connectors and AI components as you can see below: 

Blue prism digital exchange

The DX has private and public assets. There are more private assets in the marketplace right now. The private DX is specific to each organization and includes assets that are proprietary to the said organization. With DX Private, organizations can collaborate with external guests such as partners or consultants. 

As you know, there are other RPA marketplaces from other top vendors. In fact, the DX is catching up with other bot stores from Uipath and Automation Anywhere that were introduced earlier.

What’s next for the Blue Prism DX?

Blue Prism is continuing to expand its DX marketplace by adding more assets and more partners as part of it”s Technology alliance program. They also have added a bot that they are calling Sergey to automate the task of adding skills to the platform. For e.g. Sergey is building Skills for platforms like AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft, etc.

Sergey bot - Blue prism digital exchange


With the rapid growth in RPA, the marketplaces including DX are bound to grow quickly and make RPA one of the best choices for Enterprise Automation.

Last Updated on 28th October 2020

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