HR: Automate your Employee onboarding

As an HR employee, you like to be able to talk to the new hires and ensure they have everything they need day one and ensure they are comfortable in their new job. The problem is that there is too much administrative work that you need to take care of with so many new employees joining. With Robotic process automation (RPA), you can dramatically compress the time taken for key onboarding activities. This helps you to get back to focusing on what’s most important for you and your company.

Accounts Payable: Automate your 3-way matching with RPA – Demo

AP 3-way matching

Before paying any invoice, Accounts Payable(AP) matches what was ordered (with PO) to the goods received (via GRN) to what is being charged (Invoice). The current process that has evolved over the years is very manual, paper-based and leads to delays and human errors. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this three-way matching can be automated removing this tedious work for the AP professionals. Here is a quick demo.