One Big Challenge with RPA you need to know

RPA is quick, easy and cheap to build but usually needs more effort to maintain

So, the upfront costs are lower. But be ready to spend more later. 

Why is this?  RPA processes do change and also the technology is brittle.

  • RPA automates repetitive processes done by humans which usually change (People adapt but bot breaks and needs maintenance)
  • Any Updates/Upgrade, Screen layout or Input/Output changes affect RPA

This is not a bad thing though. RPA is automating processes that were not being automated earlier. They work out much more efficient and cost-effective for highly manual work.

Still, what are the solutions?

  • Firstly, ensure that this is understood and accounted for. Allocate a budget upfront.
  • Bots can be less Brittle. With AI and better change detection, bots will self-heal.

Last Updated on 19th January 2020

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