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TagUI is an open-source, cross-platform, command-line RPA tool that allows you to automate your desktop web, mouse and keyboard actions easily. You can write your workflows in simple easy to understand human language. Read more about TagUI and other Open-source RPA tools here. Here are some key features:

  • Human readable code which can be written in 20 languages
  • Screen-based automation possible using computer vision
  • Basic and Pro UI Steps – there is a cheat sheet
  • Can integrate with AI/ML using API calls, Python
  • For specific requirements, Javascript, XPath, HTML is required
  • Live mode for development and debugging. See outputs as you type
  • Simple installation: Just unpack and run
  • Good documentation

Here are the resources for TagUI: 
Official resources
TagUI homepage –
TagUI GitHub page –
Demo videos –

J Bot Channel:

Community contributions
TagUI Editor –
RPA for Python –
Moxie RPA – (free and closed-source)

Presentation videos
TagUI session:
Talk on TagUI RPA –
Talk on RPA for Python –

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