Robocorp – The fun and exciting new Open-source RPA

The Opensource RPA tools space has been steadily warming up. Some customers have started considering them though commercial options like UiPath are still the most sought after. Robocorp is one of the serious open-source RPA contenders with a very capable team and almost $12M in funding.

Let’s get to know this new kid on the block!

Open Source Automation Stack

The first thing to know about Robocorp is that it is built for developers. Unlike most other RPA options, they are unabashedly pro-code and not into low-code or no-code.

And then, they like to enable companies of all sizes to benefit from automation. That is the reason they are building an open-source stack for automation.

Robocorp - Open source automation stack

They are a fun company and have an adorable mascot – Mark the monkey. Reminds me of Curious George 🐵. The company has got the fun and curious attitude to solve the big automation challenges.

Robocorp - Mark the monkey

Finally, they are in it for the long haul. It is the first Opensource RPA that has got significant investments. They took in a $5.6 million seed investment and another $5.4 million round before release.

With such investments, they have been building quite a stack for Automation.

Robocorp Technologies

The company started out by leveraging the popular open-source automated testing framework – Robot Framework project. Here is co-founder Antti Karjalainen talking about the origins of Robocorp.

With Robot Framework and Python as the base, the tool has three main components to help you automate:

Robocorp Docs is a continually growing repository of learning material, tutorials, and technical documentation for software robot developers.

Robocorp Lab is a developer studio built to support and leverage the Robot Framework ecosystem. It comes in a simple installable package and has all you need to build software robots. If you like to build in Visual Studio code, they also have a VS extension!

Robocorp cloud is a cloud-based orchestration platform. It’s always available and doesn’t require a complicated infrastructure setup. You can use the orchestration with minimal, transparent prices.

As you can see, Robocorp has quite a few resources to enable robust automation for your organization. Let us check out a few that can help you on your Automation journey.

Robocorp Resources

Here are some key resources to get your started with Robocorp.

Finally, before we go, here is a playlist to get you started. Happy automating!

Getting started

This is a mini-series that gets you acquainted with different aspects of Robcorp. You can access the complete series and code here.

Hope that gave you a sense of the Robocorp open source automation stack. What else would you like to know about Robocorp? Let us know in the comments 👇

Last Updated on 4th March 2021

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