Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Projects Book

Build real-world RPA solutions using UiPath and Automation Anywhere

You don’t need rote learning in the Digital Age.
Learn skills quickly through Action.

The best way to learn swimming is to jump into the pool.
The best way to learn to ride a bike is to ride a bike.
The best way to learn how to write well is to start writing.

The best way to learn RPA is by doing real-life projects.

So, I co-authored an RPA Projects book with step-by-step instructions to get you started on real-world projects.
The projects use free community RPA versions and free Saas apps so that you can easily do them yourself.

It is ranked as one of the best books on process automation!

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RPA project is the first on the list. Check out the list and read what they have to say.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Projects Book

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Projects Book – Code in action

Here is a playlist with the projects in action:

Download the code for the projects on GitHub.

RPA Projects Book: Build real-world RPA solutions using UiPath and Automation Anywhere

Key Features

  • Use popular RPA tools Automation Anywhere A2019 and UiPath, for real-world task automation
  • Build automation solutions for domains such as System Administration, Finance, HR, Supply Chain, and Customer Relations
  • Extend your RPA capabilities by implementing Intelligent process automation with APIs and AI

Book Description

Robotic Process automation helps businesses to automate monotonous tasks that can be performed by machines.

This project-based guide will help you progress through easy to more advanced RPA projects. You’ll learn the principles of RPA and how to architect solutions to meet the demands of business automation, along with exploring the most popular RPA tools – UiPath and Automation Anywhere. In the first part, you’ll learn how to use UiPath by building a simple helpdesk ticket system. You’ll then automate CRM systems by integrating Excel data with UiPath. After this, the book will guide you through building an AI-based social media moderator using Google Cloud Vision API. In the second part, you’ll learn about Automation Anywhere’s latest Cloud RPA platform (A2019) by creating projects such as an automated ERP administration system, an AI bot for order and invoice processing, and an automated emergency notification system for employees. Later, you’ll get hands-on with advanced RPA tasks such as invoking APIs, before covering complex concepts such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in automation to take your understanding of RPA to the next level.

By the end of the book, you’ll have a solid foundation in RPA with experience in building real-world projects.

What you will learn

  • Explore RPA principles, techniques, and tools using an example-driven approach
  • Understand the basics of UiPath by building a helpdesk ticket generation system
  • Automate read and write operations from Excel in a CRM system using UiPath
  • Build an AI-based social media moderator platform using Google Cloud Vision API with UiPath
  • Explore how to use Automation Anywhere by building a simple sales order processing system
  • Build an automated employee emergency reporting system using Automation Anywhere
  • Test your knowledge of building an automated workflow through fun exercises

Who this book is for

This RPA book is for enterprise application developers, software developers, business analysts, or any professional who wants to implement RPA across various domains of the business. The book assumes some understanding of enterprise systems. Computer programming experience will also be beneficial.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Robotic Process Automation
  2. Help Desk Ticket Generation
  3. CRM Automation
  4. Moderate Social Media Using AI
  5. Purchase Order Processing with UiPath ReFramework
  6. Completing an RPA Challenge
  7. Sales Order Processing
  8. ERP User Administration
  9. Employee Emergency Notifications
  10. Using AI and RPA for Invoice Processing
  11. Appendix A and B for UiPath
  12. Appendix: Looking forward and Next Steps

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