UiPath Activity Creator – Build custom activities quickly

UiPath provides you with the puzzle pieces to automate. These are called UiPath activities. Now if the puzzle pieces are not there, you may get them from the Community marketplace or may have to create them by yourself. 

Now UiPath has an easier way to create these Custom activities – theĀ UiPath Activity Creator. It allows you to easily create custom activities that work immediately in UiPath Studio. The new extension is entirely wizard-based, meaning you simply fill in fields like activity name, description, properties, types, and the entire activity code is generated which includes:

  • Activities
  • Scopes
  • Simple
  • Designers (UI)
  • Property Fields
  • Bindings
  • Properties
  • Validations
  • Localization files
  • Package Metadata

After this, you just add the execution logic for your activity and you’re done!

UiPath Activity Creator Benefits

With this add on component, the learning curve to create custom activities is greatly reduced. You no longer have to deal with code or scripts, to create one. All that is generated for you in Visual Studio. By making it easier to create custom activities, you can help expand the UiPath RPA ecosystem that benefits you and the community.

Activity Creator in action

Here is a Step by step guide to get started: https://bit.ly/2ReCQaM
Here is a video: https://youtu.be/p8GrdJHwHPw

Last Updated on 28th April 2020

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