A dozen RPA tools to consider in 2020

A dozen RPA tools to consider in 2020.

Top 3

  1. Automation Anywhere: A2019 with easy to use IQ bot. The best tool for 2020!
  2. UiPath: Great Roadmap. Losing steam a bit, like to see better delivery in 2020.
  3. Blue Prism: Slow and steady. Great FY 19. Hopefully will see Decipher in 2020.

Emerging 3

Subjective, based on reports and discussion with people

  1. WorkFusion: Continues to be the tool to beat for AI/ML. Great features.
  2. Pegasystems: Solid attended bots. Ramping up on unattended.
  3. EdgeVerve: Check out Assist Edge. Hearing people implement this.

Big 3

Key players are a must-watch.

  1. Microsoft: Big fish, all RPA is based on Msft tech. Interesting take with APIs & AI.
  2. SAP: Roadmap to add RPA to AI-based automation. Expect lots of action.
  3. Appian: Interesting to watch. May add low code RPA based on Jidoka.

Open Source 3

  1. Tag UI: Backed by Singapore AI. Added Python RPA. Fairly active.
  2. Robin: Language for RPA backed by Softmotive. Seeing quite a bit of action.
  3. Open RPA: A good take at creating RPA w/ Workflow foundation (like UiPath)

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