Automate your payroll payment

Robotic Process Automation is perfect for payroll payments.

A leading international bank adopted RPA in payroll payments with great results. They reduced manual errors by 84 percent, in addition to improving productivity by 70 percent.

This is a typical result since this is a recurring and heavily rule-based process. It can lead to multiple manual data entry errors. The usual errors include incorrect Amount values or incorrect Beneficiary details.

With RPA, the bot automatically extracts data from an input source such as an MS Excel file or an email and enters the same into the banking application

Automating payroll allows businesses and their accountants to spend less time on back-office operations. They now have more time building their businesses or providing better financial analysis.

Watch how a bot can log in into your bank and schedule the payments as per your payroll software or file.

Last Updated on 17th May 2020

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