HR: Automate your Employee onboarding

Imagine you are a human resources (HR) employee at a large enterprise. As an HR person, you like to bring in the best possible people into your growing organization. You like to be able to talk to the new hires and ensure they have everything they need from day one and ensure they are comfortable in their new job.

The problem is that there is too much administrative work that you need to take care of and with so many new employees joining, it is difficult to give the new hire the personal attention you like to give them. One of the administrative tasks is to Onboard new employees – the process of assimilating new employees into your organization. Here is an example of an Onboarding process that takes more than 2.5 hours:

With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), you can dramatically compress the onboarding processes. This helps you to get back to focusing on what’s most important for you and your company. It helps reduce the time taken for key Onboarding activities by more than 80% (2.5 hours to 3 minutes in this case) while increasing the accuracy of data entry.

Here is a quick demo of the process being performed with RPA courtesy EY. The bot takes new joiner information from emails and adds them to Peoplesoft. It also emails other groups like Payroll, Facilities etc. to set up the new employee.

This process can be taken one step further. RPA can also automatically set up the required Network access, Application accounts, and Licenses for the new employee.

Last Updated on 3rd November 2022

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