Go beyond RPA Certification

RPA certification is a good start but not enough.

There are many free tutorials and certifications available online from various RPA tool academies. You go through online courses, take a few multiple choice questions and boom – you are certified!

I daily see many RPA developers sharing their certificates on Linkedin. I also see a few developers sharing videos of what they have done using the RPA tools. I am more excited about the later and love to see the new use cases that people are using RPA for.

Certification is certainly a good first step. It is not a cakewalk and does encourage hands-on though it is difficult to enforce. The certification by itself is not very useful though. I would follow it up with use cases that you see fit for RPA.

I shared 100 use case ideas some time back and also added a few to this blog. There are many you can find online. There is nothing like doing some real-world use cases that help you or prospective clients in day to day work!

Last Updated on 20th March 2019

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