Is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Screen Scraping or Macros?

RPA is NOT just screen scraping.

It is also not just Macros or Scripts or Workflows. It is all of these and more. By themselves, some of these may sound old and unattractive technologies. But RPA is NOT primarily about technology.

It is about business value. Few projects give you 300% ROI in one year or increase productivity by 1500% while doing these much faster and cheaper. Remember that the whole is bigger than the parts – RPA brings many of these technologies together to drive efficiencies that are attractive for business.

I find it easier to think of RPA as new talent – Digital Assistants. RPA tools pick up whatever technology is required to get your process automated to the extent it can. It may be screen scrapping to AI and beyond in the future. Top RPA tools provide an effortless way to schedule and manage these digital assistants.

So, if you are looking at RPA purely in terms of technology or screen scraping, think again! It is much more – it is about having the Right strategy & Roadmap, Processes selection & prioritization, Stakeholder involvement, Governance, Change management, Security & Compliance, Impact analysis, Bot Administration, Good Design, Agile Build & test, Right partners, Right metrics, and surely right Tools.

Last Updated on 1st November 2020

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