Free RPA resources to get started with Bots now

Many Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendors provide free tutorials and also allow you to download their tools.

Here are some free mainstream and Open-source tools with useful links.

Mainstream Tools


One of the most widely used (as suggested by others too) is UiPath. UiPath is easy to learn and get started. You can download the tool, learn from their academy and get rolling in no time. There is a decent community to support as well.

Here are the links to get started:

Download Uipath tool

Uipath tutorials

Automation Anywhere is another great RPA tool to learn. Automation Anywhere has a free community edition that you can continue using.

Here are the links to get started with Automation Anywhere.

AA Community Edition

AA Tutorials

Learning edition

BP University

Start free:

Tutorial: Learn Microsoft RPA in day course 

Pega Academy – Robotics

Kofax 12-month trial tool download

Kofax course (RPA intro only)

Tool & Tutorials

Free Trial

Developer help

Open Source Tools:

Open RPA

Open RPA is an easy-to-use RPA tool with a drag-drop interface like mainstream RPA tool vendors. Open RPA uses Windows Workflow Foundation and the entire platform is built using a microservice architecture.


A complete suite of automation tools with RPA and AI, the $0 license tool has a decent academy that is growing. The tool can be downloaded here.


A Python-based stack for automating with a control room in the cloud. You can download the tool here and access their documentation here.


TagUI does not use flowcharts but “human language” like Command line syntax to automate. So, you tell it things like this: click login; type username as xyz etc. You can also do Visual automation for Websites and Desktop.




Last Updated on 28th February 2021


  1. Ankit Gupta
    14th November 2019

    Hey Nandan,
    Interested to know your views about Microsoft RPA tool and stuff to move ahead with that.

    1. Nandan
      14th November 2019

      Ankit, Microsoft RPA is at it’s early stages – still basic stuff in terms of RPA. Good to explore for the low code AI and overall automation though.

  2. Sushant
    5th September 2020

    Can you tell me out if these which one is best to start for someone with non technical background?

    1. Nandan
      6th September 2020

      Try uipath with StudioX. I have a post with videos as well for that.


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