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Robotic Process Automation Use Case Grid

A list of real-world RPA use cases by function.

Click on the use cases with links (in blue) for details of the use case. More use case details will be added and linked soon. The grid itself will also be updated with new use cases and functions.

If you like a summary of typical RPA use cases, I have a list here. 

Finance & Accounting Human Resoruces Sales & Marketing Information Technology Operations Customer Service Supply Chain Payroll
Invoice ProcessingEmployee Onboarding Brand monitoring Server/Storage Provisioning Risk Management New Account creation Supply chain risk & management Payroll payment
Vendor Onboardng Employee Offboarding Update CRM Daily/Periodic checks Fraud detection Unlock accounts Vendor slection and procurement Employee setup
3-way matching Background checks Customer Managemenet Database Administration Compliance reporting Reset Credentials Supply and Demand planning Earnings and Deductions
Accounting Journal Entries Employee data management Competitor price monitoring System Administration Licensing and registrations Update and Delete Accounts Inventory management Time record validation
Collections Payment matching & Processing External portal updates Invoice Creation & Distribution Network support & provisioning Regulatory reporting Support Ticket Creation Contract monitoring and enforcing Staff Transfers
Expense Management Unemployment verification Legacy to Mobile integration Database Administration Inventory Management Escalation Management Shipment scheduling and tracking Payroll audit
Update Exchange rates Leave Management External portal updates Backup Management Portal interactions Progress Chasing Refunds and returns Payroll reporting
Account reconciliations HR Compliance checks Marketing campaign adminstration Patch Management Facilities management Interfacing with external support vendors External portal updates Data Collection streamlining
Credit Checks Job Posting Analyze social media sentiment Testing Automation Vehicle booking & administration Updating and closing Tickets Order Processing Data Access Acceleration
Finance Data Management Resume Screening Automate Rewards & Gifts User Experience Monitoring Staff management Customer records Management Shipment status communication Data Validation
Finance Reporting Offer Letter Administration Advertising spend management Data Migration Customer relationship management Service level management & reporting Customer Onboarding Payroll analysis
Debt Recovery Recruitment administration Product Administration Legacy Non-API Integration Legacy to Mobile integration System Synchronisation Supplier relationship management Benefits administration
Financial planning and analysis Learning & Development administration Sales Forecasting Infrastructure and Application Monitoring Reporting Workflow acceleration Spend analyics and reporting Compliance reporting


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